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2013 August



In Redux

By Elizabeth Wroten

Back to School

On 29, Aug 2013 | In Redux | By Elizabeth Wroten

What a summer it’s been. I decided to take a break from posting so I could focus on reading and boy did I ever read. I got through more than 30 books over the last couple months. My poor, patient husband probably feels like he has lost me to YA fiction, but I’m really trying to whittle my TBR pile down. Because of this the next few months on my blog will be pretty heavy on the book reviews.

Working my way through all these books, some of which have been in the pile for years now, has been an interesting process. I have been surprised more than once by a book that I was reluctant to read (or re-read in the case of Pepper Roux). I’m also getting pretty good at whipping through the novels. And I have yet to find one that I really didn’t like. Looking forward to blogging again and writing up some reviews to help my poor mind remember what I’ve read.