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2014 July



In Uncategorized

By Elizabeth Wroten

Oops, summer break

On 30, Jul 2014 | In Uncategorized | By Elizabeth Wroten

I ended up taking a little summer break from blogging. Every time I sat down to write I just didn’t have it in me, so instead of writing a bunch of half-hearted posts I took a break. I’m ready to come back though. I’ve been reading a lot over the summer and plan on continuing to read through my poor TBR pile that just keeps growing. I am also working on reading a lot more kidlit, books for  the younger crowd, since I am volunteering in an elementary school library. Because of this I plan on sharing a lot more reviews.

I use this blog to help me remember what I’ve read and what those books were about as much as a place to discuss library things. I know I write short book reviews, but I write the kind of reviews I want to read about books. The majority of the time I’ll read a review to get a sense of what a book is about so I can decide whether I want to read it or not. I don’t need deep discussion about them to make that choice, although I will occasionally seek out longer reviews with spoilers when I decide not to read a book or have a strong reaction to one while reading. I have also read reviews to get a sense of whether a book is right for the library collection. I think shorter reviews that point out writing, themes, plot, and characterization are more conducive to this and so I try to touch on those things in my reviews too.

Long story short, I’ll be back in full force in a week or so with more reviews.



In Redux

By Elizabeth Wroten

One Day…

On 03, Jul 2014 | In Redux | By Elizabeth Wroten

One day we’ll have scads of money and I’ll be able to go to all the professional conferences I want. 🙂 In the meantime I can’t help but wish we were in Las Vegas for ALA Annual Conference. I keep seeing all this awesome stuff that people are doing and reading about all these interesting sessions they are attending.

I made the decision a few months back to go to the ALSC Institute instead of Annual. It wasn’t necessarily cheaper, but it is closer to home (in Oakland) so it would be easier for my husband and daughter to tag along. They plan on spending their days in The City doing fun things like visiting the Exploratorium and the Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately, going to the Institute meant there was no money to go to Annual and seeing all this great stuff I can’t help but hope I made the right decision!

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