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By Elizabeth Wroten

Oops, summer break

On 30, Jul 2014 | In Uncategorized | By Elizabeth Wroten

I ended up taking a little summer break from blogging. Every time I sat down to write I just didn’t have it in me, so instead of writing a bunch of half-hearted posts I took a break. I’m ready to come back though. I’ve been reading a lot over the summer and plan on continuing to read through my poor TBR pile that just keeps growing. I am also working on reading a lot more kidlit, books for ¬†the younger crowd, since I am volunteering in an elementary school library. Because of this I plan on sharing a lot more reviews.

I use this blog to help me remember what I’ve read and what those books were about as much as a place to discuss library things. I know I write short book reviews, but I write the kind of reviews I want to read about books. The majority of the time I’ll read a review to get a sense of what a book is about so I can decide whether I want to read it or not. I don’t need deep discussion about them to make that choice, although I will occasionally seek out longer reviews with spoilers when I decide not to read a book or have a strong reaction to one while reading. I have also read reviews to get a sense of whether a book is right for the library collection. I think shorter reviews that point out¬†writing, themes, plot, and characterization are more conducive to this and so I try to touch on those things in my reviews too.

Long story short, I’ll be back in full force in a week or so with more reviews.