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In Redux

By Elizabeth Wroten

The Makerspace Is a Go!

On 11, Sep 2014 | In Redux | By Elizabeth Wroten

So last Wednesday I officially started running a makerspace!┬áThe opportunity popped up and I jumped on it and it all came together pretty quickly. I wrote a post about ten months ago about makerspaces, what they are and what their potential is and why I think they’re important. You can go here to read that piece.

I’m running it at the school where I used to work. Sadly the MakerSpace is not connected to the library (yet, some plans are in the pipes, but I need to get into the swing of things first). Space is really tight, especially this semester as they are building a new science and math building, so we’re currently based out of the art room. Last year, after going to several conferences that had sessions about makerspaces my husband and I tried to get one up and running. We just dropped the ball as life got busy (as it does), but we had laid a lot of groundwork and planning with both the art teacher and the after school enrichment administrator. So when the middle school head propsed talking to my husband about makerspaces he brought me, and our pre-planning, along. The art teacher is amazingly supportive and incredibly generous to let us use her space and the MakerSpace is being run through the after school enrichment program. It’s a drop-in alternative to study hall for middle school students and lower school kids can sign up for it as a class which means they will be there every Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

I’m still ironing out some things, like missing supplies, but the kids were so incredibly engaged. I’m really excited about this whole thing. It has a lot of potential. Now to get the kids circulating through! I’m going alternate updates on the MakerSpace with my Throwback Thursday posts, so hopefully you can see how it’s going.

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