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By Elizabeth Wroten

December Vacation

On 01, Dec 2014 | In Uncategorized | By Elizabeth Wroten

I’m going to be mostly taking December off from blogging. As it is for everyone, it’s a busy time of year. I hand make almost all of my daughter’s Christmas presents and gifts for the family too. I am also madly reading through a bunch of books and need some extra time. I will be posting once a week, but I won’t be doing any book reviews. I’ll be back in January with those. Subscribe to the blog either by feed reader or using the email sign-up to the right! That way you don’t have to remember to check back and you’ll automatically see new posts when they come up.

Next year I want to limit myself to divlit and a few other projects so I’m clearing off my TBR list of books that I really want to read, but don’t fit that category. I’m sure I’ll read a few books that don’t have diversity in them, but they will be books that I really, really want to read for the sake of reading them instead of out of a sense of duty.

Happy Holidays, everyone, no matter what you celebrate this time of year.