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In Redux

By Elizabeth Wroten

Notes From the Makerspace: Project Roundup

On 18, Dec 2014 | In Redux | By Elizabeth Wroten

As the new year approaches the Makerspace is looking at a new space opening up. Well, new to us at least. I’m super excited that we won’t be living out of boxes and bins anymore and think it will encourage the kids to dive more deeply into their projects and interests. To celebrate our first trimester I wanted to include some pictures of a few of the awesome projects the kids have made over the last couple months.

I also just wanted to share that I had a new girl join last week and she came in with no idea of what she was going to do. By the time she left she had designed and made a dress. She wore it home!!!!! Makerspace for the win!!!! It was simple and made from a fleece fabric that didn’t really need any hems made, but she dreamed it up, cut it out, and learned how to use the sewing machine so she could pull it together. Did I mention she is in third grade?

Sadly I can’t include any pictures of the kids. When we did the marshmallow challenge we got a slow motion video of one of my boys smashing a structure. He was thrilled to be allowed to break something. Here is the structure he smashed:

And here is a picture of my three-year-old daughter visiting the Makerspace and learning to use a tool herself. Don’t underestimate the abilities of kids!


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