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In Review

By Elizabeth Wroten

Nonfiction Review: To Dance by Siena Siegel

On 14, Apr 2015 | In Review | By Elizabeth Wroten

To DanceTo Dance: A Ballerina’s Graphic Novel written by Siena Siegel, illustrated by Mark Siegel

From GoodReads: Dancers are young when they first dream of dance. Siena was six — and her dreams kept skipping and leaping, circling and spinning, from airy runs along a beach near her home in Puerto Rico, to dance class in Boston, to her debut performance on stage with the New York City Ballet.

This is a pretty straight forward graphic novel of Siena’s early life as a dancer. While not nearly as in-depth a look at life as a ballerina, especially a young one, as Michaela DePrince’s Taking Flight, it’s perfect for young dancers interested in what it takes to dance.

Dance for Siena filled a space in her life. She talks about how she felt compelled to dance and I think this draw and this longing will really appeal to kids interested in ballet, or really any kind of dance. Siena is also Puerto Rican and she worries about her body developing into a curvy woman’s body (the picture of her staring at her relatives large breasts is hilarious). I thought this was an interesting flip of the normal tween girl mentality. Usually they stare longingly at relatives breasts wishing they could have their own pair. She doesn’t get much into how being Puerto Rican might have hindered her or made her feel like an outsider, but that was fine. Just the simple fact that she is not a blonde-haired, blue-eyed ballerina made her story more inspiring.

Siena’s story is also important and inspiring because ,while she did preprofessional ballet for years, she quit at 18 due to an injury. Instead of dancing into the sunset she made a major change and went to college. However, she took up dance again a few years later simply as a hobby because she still felt she needed it. I think this was refreshing because many girls will not make it as professional ballet dancers and this doesn’t preclude keeping up with dance and having a life beyond it. That isn’t to say young dancers shouldn’t dream, but I think it’s good for them to see that professional dance doesn’t have to be the endgame.

As an adult reading this To Dance really hits home how expensive ballet is as a hobby. Siena’s family had to come to New York many times for camps and classes and ultimately she and her mother moved there so she could be close to the ballet school. That isn’t to mention the cost of tuition, costumes, and the special school she had to attend to get an education and be able to dance pre-professionally.

Just one last thought, especially arresting are the endpapers first with her dancing as a child on the beach then as mother dancing on the beach with a baby in her arms with husband in tow. A great book for aspiring dancers in elementary school.

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