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In Redux

By Elizabeth Wroten

Monthly Author: Pam Munoz Ryan

On 20, Sep 2015 | In Redux | By Elizabeth Wroten

I’ve been aware of Pam Munoz Ryan for years now, but for whatever reason I haven’t read anything by her. I was inspired to add her to the list when I saw her speak nearly a year ago at the ALSC Institute. I hadn’t realized she was from California which was neat to me. I was also really impressed with all the things she had to say about the importance of diversity in children’s literature.

Here’s her website where she has a lists of all the books she’s written. She is a prolific author! For any teachers out there, she’s got readers theatre scripts for four of her books.

Schedule for the week:

Monday: How Do You Raise a Raisin

Tuesday: Raising Freedom

Thursday: Mice and Beans

Friday: Hello Ocean

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