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In Review

By Elizabeth Wroten

Non-Fiction Review: Ramadan by David Marx

On 22, Jun 2016 | In Review | By Elizabeth Wroten

Ramdan RookieRamadan written by David F. Marx (Rookie Read-About Holidays)

From Amazon: Following the well-known and much-loved Rookie Books format, these fun and informative books introduce early elementary-school children to the basic facts about major holidays. Each book explains the development of the holiday and how it is celebrated today, and includes holiday games, traditions, crafts, and foods.

I usually like this series and have even bought a couple titles in it for my own daughter, but this one, particularly compared to others that I will review this week, just fell very flat. The biggest issue I took was that it didn’t feel very informative about Ramadan. Don’t get me wrong, there is information here about the holiday, but it felt almost too simplified to make it sound particularly special or celebratory. It also has other facts about Muslims inserted into the text that made it feel discombobulated.

I will say, it has one very big thing going for it and that is a depiction of all kinds of Muslims. There are Arabs, Southeast Asians, blacks (they look American to me, but I’m not sure), people who look Indian and¬†Pakistani, people who look Iranian. I haven’t seen a lot of books that show a mix of Muslims. Admittedly most of the books I have reviewed up to this point feature one family in a story as opposed to a non-fiction narrative, still seeing non-Arab Muslims seems to be rare.

I wouldn’t say don’t buy the book, especially if you have a younger population. Don’t buy it for your Muslim patrons, it’s way too basic for those kids. I would buy other books for your collection first unless you need something super inexpensive or want to have lots of books on the shelf.

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