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In Review

By Elizabeth Wroten

Chapter Book Review: The Hidden Temple of Ogiso by O. T. Begho

On 25, Jun 2018 | In Review | By Elizabeth Wroten

Obi and TitiThe Adventures of Obi and Titi: The Hidden Temple of Ogiso (book 1) written by O. T. Begho

From Goodreads: The Adventures of Obi and Titi is an epic African adventure series that follows the story of two brave, young children and a very naughty monkey who set out on an unexpected journey of knowledge, hope and everlasting friendship. Deep in the heart of Africa, where civilization truly began, two young children, Obi and Titi, unwittingly find a hidden temple and a mysterious map. This discovery sets off a chain of events that will change their lives forever. For once they must settle their differences and work together, as they set off on a magical adventure to save their village and the ones they love. 

This is the perfect book and series for the summer! We just finished reading it last night and I cannot recommend it enough. Usually it takes us a week or more to get through chapter books- we’re tired, my daughter spends the night at my mom’s house, we watch a movie instead of reading- even though they’re not especially long or difficult to get through. But Obi and Titi had us hooked and we plowed through it in three nights. It was such an exciting read!

Set in historical Benin, Obi and Titi have been friends since they were tiny as their father’s were also close friends. Titi is the daughter of the Oba, or king, and Obi is the son of his greatest warrior. Except Obi’s father hasn’t been seen or heard from in years. He set off one day and no one seems to know where to or if he’s even still alive. One day while playing on the edge of the forbidden forest, Obi is pulled into the river by some creature and dragged downstream and into the forest. Titi goes looking for him and when they find each other, they also unexpectedly find Obi’s father’s spear. This sets them off on an investigation of an entrance to what they believe is the lost Temple of Ogiso, which ultimately puts them on a much bigger quest to save the kingdom from evil.

It was so wonderful to read a story that had a boy-girl friendship that didn’t have to be fraught with them jabbing each other over their gender or hinting at some romance. They’re kids and they’re friends. Even the two year age difference doesn’t cause much of a conflict. Titi and Obi solve the mysteries, puzzles, and riddles they encounter together and Titi isn’t the caricature of a chiding, rule-following girl that we so often see in these types of books.

This is perfect for reluctant readers, although the reading level might be a wee bit high, and it can keep interest in reading going through the summer when those reluctant readers might fall behind. Each chapter ends with a cliff hanger which make this perfect for reading aloud and keeps the pages turning. It might also lead to some under-the-covers-after-lights-out sneak reading. You’ve been warned.

It definitely has the feel of Indiana Jones and other adventure/action/mystery stories. Begho did a phenomenal job of balancing wrapping up the story arc for this particular book while setting up the series and enticing you to keep reading it (we’ll be buying the rest!). I would recommend the book for kids 5 or 6 and up if you’re reading it aloud. For independent reading, it would be excellent for second through fourth grades. They also did a really good job of creating a chapter book that has a complex enough story to be interesting but isn’t burdensome for readers who are just coming to chapter books.

Be sure to buy this series if your library serves kids in beginning chapter books or if you have a second, third or fourth grade classroom. Also check out the series website and Facebook page for more games, historical information, to set up author visits, and updates on the series.

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