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In Review

By Elizabeth Wroten

Picture Book Review: The Barber Chop by Jaki Jones

On 13, Jul 2018 | In Review | By Elizabeth Wroten

The Barber ChopThe Barber Chop written by Jaki Jones, illustrated by Adua Hernandez

From Goodreads: The Barber Chop is a short poem-style book of a little boy describing his experience of going to the barbershop with his father.  Use this as a tool to ease your child’s grooming experience and boost literacy as they wait patiently for their “chop”.

I think haircuts are a universal fear of all children. I know my own daughter did not get her first actual haircut until she was six and half years old. Yes, really. She would cry about going to the salon if we even mentioned it. Fortunately for us, we could put off the haircut.

For parents needing a way to introduce the idea of getting a trim and open conversations about what might happen and the feelings a child might have, The Barber Chop is a great book for that. The little boy in the story has large expressive eyes and the accompanying text shares his apprehension at how this trip to the barber is going to go. The story walks the reader through the process of getting to the barber’s shop, what it looks like inside, and actually hopping up into the chair to get a fresh cut. The story validates children’s fear while assuring them that everything will be just fine.

There is no shortage of books addressing this milestone (and surprisingly most of them feature boys), but this one stands out for its aim toward a younger audience. Most famlies will not wait as long as ours did to get that first trim and if you are wanting to prep your little one, you’ll want a book where the text is geared toward them.  While we absolutely adore Furqan’s First Flattop, The Barber Chop is better suited to younger kids. It’s shorter with rhymed text making it easier for little ones to sit through and comprehend. Definitely check out Furqan too, but go for this one first. Also look at Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut that came out last year at least for the pictures if the text proves too complicated for your first-time salon patron.

I absolutely love the illustrations in this by Hernandez who also illustrated Maxine’s New Job. In Barber Chop, Hernandez has drawn an adorable doe-eyed boy. The eyes are particularly effective in conveying his nervousness about the upcoming trim. Despite the worry on his face, how can you not love that cover?! The illustrations, done digitally, have this warm glow to them that make very inviting and help make the experience feel less threatening. The large format of the book make it good for little hands to pick up and ask to be read to. A vibrant black neighborhood can be seen in the background as the little boy and his dad venture out for this first cut. As I always say in these reviews, representation matters and Hernandez delivers on that important front.

If you serve young kids, public libraries, preschools, and home libraries, be sure to order a copy.

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy by the publisher, Melanin Origins, in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase the book here (not affiliate links):

On IndieBound: paperback and hardback

On Amazon as an ebook.

Final note: If you do purchase this book, please post a review of it on Amazon. This will help other folks find the book and know that it’s worth purchasing. If you use any other book services like GoodReads or your local library’s online catalog be sure to post a review there too! And if your local library doesn’t have a copy, request that they purchase one.


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