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By Elizabeth Wroten

Quick update

On 10, Jul 2013 | In Uncategorized | By Elizabeth Wroten

Just wanted to let anyone reading my blog know that I am turning comments off for awhile. I am getting the most ridiculous amount of spam comments. We’re talking hundreds a day. The best part is, these aren’t a few sentences with a bunch of links. These are essay length comments. It’s insane. ¬†Not only is it taking me forever to delete them I am also having to delete them out of my inbox. Sigh. I think blogs without the ability to comment are generally pretty silly since the point of being online is to generate discussion and collaboration, but I am not interested in collaborating with Thanks for your¬†patience while I figure the situation out.

Hope the summer is going well. I am reading like crazy around here and haven’t taken the time to post.