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In Redux

By Elizabeth Wroten

Information and Digital Literacy Specialist

On 07, Aug 2014 | In Redux | By Elizabeth Wroten

By way of my husband I came across a really interesting job opening at a Bay Area independent school. Sadly, it isn’t one I would be applying for simply because we don’t live close enough to Walnut Creek. But it got me thinking about updating my resume and about working on some different projects. The title and description are:

Information and Digital Literacy Specialist

  • works with the Librarian, the PC Specialist, the Mac/iPad Specialist, and the Director of Technology as a member of the Information Media Team
  • the candidate must have
    • a knowledge of STEAM and Maker movements
    • experience working with the students and teachers on planning, implementing, and assessing authentic, integrated, hands-on projects in innovative work spaces
    • strong research and organizational skills
    • a knowledge of media/information literacy and integration of electronic resources
    • a proven ability to assist teachers and serve students in a variety of environments

It’s not technically a library or librarian position, but I think a lot of librarians, especially school librarians would be well suited for the job. I was particularly interested because I think at this point I want to stay (and am stuck) in school libraries. They’re also looking for some skills and interests that I’m interested in, particularly the Maker Movement and the project-based learning portion.

Just thought I would share. I haven’t done a lick of research on this, not even a simple Google search, but I am curious if anyone else has run across this type of job (maybe not with the same title) before?

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In Reading Round Up

By Elizabeth Wroten

Reading Round Up: Job Hunting Edition

On 18, Jan 2013 | In Reading Round Up | By Elizabeth Wroten

It is no secret that I am currently home with my daughter because it was cheaper for me to quit my job than pay for good child care. That being said, though, I don’t think I’ll be home forever. There are days I am very glad to be home and then there are times I miss being in the library and miss teaching.

In the meantime I am blogging, updating my resume, doing some personal branding, attending conferences and professional development courses, and trying to find the time to become more involved in professional associations. All this in an attempt to keep in touch with Libraryland (for my own personal gratification as well as for professional reasons).

It was nice this week to watch the lastes installment of AL Live which was all about landing your ideal library job. Ultimately it was a lot of practical advice for landing any job (ideal or otherwise). I highly recommend watching it if you missed it. I’ll post a link below. I also have come across two articles about interview questions, both of which are helpful. And an article about cover letters.

I have to thank one of my LIS professors (although I am sorry I don’t remember which one!) here. She had us write practice cover letters and resumes in our final semester of library school and then everyone in class critiqued everyone else’s. It was imensly helpful even if my letters and resumes have improved, the exercise got me thinking about it.

AL Live: How to Land Your Ideal Library Job

How to Answer the Top 10 Interview Questions

Questions to Ask Your Interviewers

The Torment of Terrible Cover Letters

And finally, a piece from Bohyun Kim, one of the AL Live presenters. It’s just a bit of optimism about misconceptions of the library job  hunt.

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