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In Reading Round Up

By Elizabeth Wroten

Reading Round Up: Happy New Year

On 11, Jan 2013 | In Reading Round Up | By Elizabeth Wroten

Here are a few links to interesting articles and the like that I have come across over the past week and a half.

Social Media Plan: Found this one through Twitter. I really agree that there is a time and place for a plan and that time and place is usually when you need something big picture, not minutiae like using social media. That doesn’t, as Troy Swanson says, preclude having policies that set tone, etc. but overthinking really does kill spontaneity.

Learning Theories for the time-strapped librarian: You’ve probably figured out that I really like Stephen’s Lighthouse. He’s always got something that resonates with me each week. I totally agree with him that it is important for librarians, especially those working with students on an academic level, to understand how people learn and learning theories. This helpful little infographic does a decent job of distilling some of it down. I can’t say how complete it is, but it can’t hurt to review it.

Shallow Research: From the SLJ monthly (?) newsletter. I seem to like the topics and opinions of the Guybrarian and his Gal. I agree students can do a lot of shallow research. We need to work on improving that, but also remember not to be rabid about promoting over-researching (and overthinking!) topics. Sometimes you just need a quick tip on how to remove a stain. (I’ve got a 16 month old, stains are my life right now.)

I’m not sure, at this point, where I’ll end up when I go back to work but I’m hoping its to a school library or at least to children’s/youth services. To that end I’m trying to keep up with school related news, including the new Common Core Standards that everyone is talking about. I came across this archive of a webcast from SLJ that discusses how they relate to libraries. I’m hoping to make some time to watch this.

Finally, this is so true and also extremely funny. Calling librarians the original search engine is like calling astronomers the original telescope. Too funny!

Enjoy the links. Hope you find something interesting.

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In Reading Round Up

By Elizabeth Wroten

Reading Round Up: Holiday Edition

On 28, Dec 2012 | In Reading Round Up | By Elizabeth Wroten

These links have nothing to do with the holidays except for the fact that this post is published between Christmas and New Years. Sorry to disappoint.

Google Search: I found this one Stephen’s Lighthouse. It is a set of Google search tips for students. I know kids like to think they are good at finding stuff on the Internet. And they are. What they find just isn’t always relevant. 🙂 I love ridiculous videos as much as the next person, but these tips can help them find what they really need.

In keeping with Google Search, I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before, but Google has premade lesson plans for teaching search techniques to a range of age and skill levels.

Library/-ian Stereotypes: A great infographic about what librarians actually do and what libraries can do for you. I know we all know how important librarians and libraries are, but sometimes the public forgets or doesn’t know. From eBook Friendly via Stephen’s Lighthouse (of course).

Library Extension for Chrome: There is a nifty little extension for Chrome that will tell you if an item you are looking at on Amazon is available at your local library. I’m giving it a try in the next couple weeks. I think I found this one through someone on Twitter, but I hate to admit I’ve forgotten who.

I hope everyone has a safe New Year’s Eve and a happy, healthy 2013. Hope to see you back here in the new year.

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